The Architecture Of Ancient Egypt

All the most wonderful ancient Egyptian monuments are concentrated on a fairly narrow band in the 15 – 20 km wide, in the fertile valley of the Nile. Those structures that have survived to our days, are directly related to various funerary cults that prevailed in this ancient state.
The main features of ancient Egyptian architecture
The main features of the architecture of Ancient Egypt include the following:
1. The monumentality. The dimensions of the pyramids of this country is simply astonishing. Monumentality is evident in the geometry of structures, simple and majestic, and in the laconism, and the complete absence of decor. Even relatively small monuments look very impressive due to the special technique – scaling. Inside the building there are any parts that mimic its structure. Thus, a small element that copies the structure as a whole, emphasizes its grandeur. Continue reading

The fortress of Arg-e BAM

The fortress of Arg-e BAM is the largest and oldest specimen of Persian mud-brick fortress of Adobe. This is the world’s largest mud-brick building is located on the Great silk road in the Iranian city of BAM (Kerman province).

The monument consists of architectural stratifications of different ages, including the restoration of the influence of the postwar period, its area is slightly less than seven square kilometers. The oldest strata of the citadel Baskoy is “Maiden castle”, the construction of which was begun in the VII century, probably even the Sassanids. Inside the fortress — several mausoleums of XII century and 38 watchtowers, as well as the residence of the Governor of the Safavids and the great mosque of the XVIII century. Before the city makes a profit pilgrims-Zoroastrians who came here in a Zoroastrian temple. After the Islamic conquest of Zoroastrian temple was transformed into a mosque. Unique old building for production and storage of ice, also located in the city. Continue reading

The main visual feature of Gothic architecture

The main visual feature of Gothic architecture is the aspiration of building up. Gothic cathedrals give the impression of lightness, easiness at its dizzying height. How to achieve a similar effect? The main technique of the Gothic – arched vaults. In the Romanesque buildings of stone, the roof was semi-circular and rested on the wall. To sustain loads, walls must have been massive. In the Gothic project designed a kind of complex frame supported directly on the Foundation. Thus, the walls lose the load carrying, hence the ability to make them light, to satisfy various decorations. In the Gothic cathedrals set UPS with complex frames, huge stained glass Windows, galleries, passages, towers and sculptures. In appearance it is impossible to guess what the internal structure of the building. Each of the facades of the crowd. For example, the photos of Notre Dame Cathedral taken from different sides, you can not guess that this is one and the same building.

Every Cathedral was devoted to some main topic: Paris – Notre Dame, Chartres – the history of the French Royal family. Decoration of cathedrals – reliefs, sculptures, frescoes, stained glass is a genuine encyclopedia of the medieval world and medieval life. For example, Chartres Cathedral is decorated with 9 thousand sculptures. Continue reading