The megalithic complex of Pinako
The megalithic complex of Pinako 1 — located 0.7 km to the North of S. Anastasievskaya the second floodplain terrace of the right Bank of the river Pshenaho (distorted from…

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In the foothills of the Altai found mysterious megalithic complex
The history of ancient Siberia is full of secrets and unsolved mysteries. Famous archaeologist Leonid Kyzlasov . opened in Khakassia ruins of the ancient city, comparable in age with the…

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Tyn Church

Tyn Church (the modern city. Týnský chrám) is the main Church of Prague’s Old town since the XIV century, the construction of which began in 1339 and was completed in 1511. The temple was built in the Gothic style. It is also called the Church of our lady before týn (in Czech. Kostel Panny Marie před Týnem). The author of the temple – Mathieu of Arras and Peter Parler. The altar was made in 1649 in the Baroque style by the artist Karel Screeu. The Church was the main Hussite Church of Prague of that time. Since 1424 the Church was also the home of the Hussite Archbishop Jan of Rokycany, who is buried here.

1621 the Church was passed to the Jesuits. He was then removed from the gold Cup main statue that symbolizes the Reformation; as well as removed the inscription “the Truth wins”. According to one legend, the Cup was removed from the storks who built the nest and had to carry out the frogs. Periodically frogs fell out and one day this frog fell to one very important person later ridiculed. Continue reading

10 most dangerous structures in the world

The hanging temple or hanging monastery is situated on a cliff with a height of about 75 meters in the area of mount Heng in Shanxi province. The structure was built during the Northern Wei dynasty (386-557) and has a history of over 1400 years.

Lichtenstein castle is situated on a cliff in the Swabian Alps, Baden-württemberg, Germany, at an altitude of 817 metres. Historically, there was located the old castle, but it collapsed after damage during the war in 1311 and was restored by Duke Wilhelm Urach in 1840-1842.

Takasugi literally means “a tea house built too high”. It is located in Nagano, Japan, on top of two chestnut trees. Architect Terunobu Fujimori designed and built this one-room structure for their own use.

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Interior design in the Gothic style

Any external manifestation of a tradition sooner or later leads to a change in the inner content, not less often reverse the process. There is a third variation of the interaction is zero when the external and internal, occasionally intersecting, not lead each other to change. About such relationships from Gothic in the classic sense and of the Gothic style in modern interior design.

The primary Italian word “Gothic” had a pejorative meaning, Germanic tribes Goths were barbarians in the understanding of Rome. Initially, the Gothic was manifested only within the framework of religious architecture, designed to demonstrate the greatness of God’s Providence and bestowed over feudal power and the insignificance of mortal shells wretched spirit of ordinary people.

Gothic in architecture

The European Gothic period lasted from the middle of the XII to XV–XVI century, amazing the imagination of aspiring to the skies and unusually high due to new techniques of frame systems openwork spires, towers, pointed arches, ribbed vaults, stained glass multi-color, complicated carved ornament in stone, statues of allegorical system. Continue reading