Interior design in the Gothic style

Any external manifestation of a tradition sooner or later leads to a change in the inner content, not less often reverse the process. There is a third variation of the interaction is zero when the external and internal, occasionally intersecting, not lead each other to change. About such relationships from Gothic in the classic sense and of the Gothic style in modern interior design.

The primary Italian word “Gothic” had a pejorative meaning, Germanic tribes Goths were barbarians in the understanding of Rome. Initially, the Gothic was manifested only within the framework of religious architecture, designed to demonstrate the greatness of God’s Providence and bestowed over feudal power and the insignificance of mortal shells wretched spirit of ordinary people.

Gothic in architecture

The European Gothic period lasted from the middle of the XII to XV–XVI century, amazing the imagination of aspiring to the skies and unusually high due to new techniques of frame systems openwork spires, towers, pointed arches, ribbed vaults, stained glass multi-color, complicated carved ornament in stone, statues of allegorical system. Continue reading

Megaliths In The Urals

The ancient world of the Ural mountains keep many secrets of ancient history and civilizations prior to this. And only recently the Urals began to reveal its secrets for us. The morning of Svarog gets used, slowly illuminating the amazing life of our ancestors, which, after the death of Darii more than 100 thousand years ago, still kept themselves in their new homeland – Siberia and the Urals.

Since the end of 20th, beginning of 21st century the vast territory of the Urals EN masse of the research team, which consisted of both scholars and enthusiasts and historians, have come to discover ancient megalithic constructions, which allow to speak about a completely new Chapter in the history of our country, but also around the world. Here you can find all types of megalithic structures known to science. This and the menhirs or standing stones, dolmens – stone tables and tombs, cromlechs – arched stone structures and geoglyphs and remnants of the stone cities and amphitheatres, hidden by earth and vegetation, and the great wall, and pyramids. Continue reading