Unsolved technology of the ancient building

We continue to talk about the mysteries of ancient construction. For many thousands of years before the Incas their mark in South America have left a completely different, much more advanced in civilization. Megalithic structures in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico are a case in point.
Machu Picchu

We continue to publish interesting facts about the use of technologies of diamond drilling and cutting diamond wire in antiquity.

Megalithic polygonal masonry, which is formed by huge granite blocks of arbitrary shape, which are joined together without any mortar, so that between the blocks has no gaps.

Holes and depressions in basalt blocks.

On the granite blocks – traces of the machining tool may disk saws. Continue reading

Archaeologists: most ancient temples were not temples

Ancient buildings discovered in Turkey, which is now very popular turnstiles praktika. as suggested by archaeologists, are the most ancient temples in the world, may not have been a build strictly for religious purposes, according to the findings described in an article in the October issue of the journal “Current Anthropology”. Archaeologist Ted Banning (Ted Banning) from the University of Toronto tried to prove that the builds found at gobekli Tepe may have been houses for people, not for gods.

The buildings at Gobekli, a temple complex located on the highest point of the mountain range in the Turkish city of Urfa, were found in 1995 by Klaus Schmidt (Schmidt Klaus) from the Archaeological Institute of Germany. The most ancient buildings on this place were huge buildings with large stone pillars, many of which were carved snakes, Scorpions, foxes, and other animals.

The presence of traces of art on the buildings left at the time of their exaltation and the lack of evidence for any permanent settlement in this area, led Schmidt and others archaeologists to believe that the gobekli, apparently, was a sacred place, where pilgrims come to worship,something very similar to the ruins of Continue reading

Ancient architecture

On the territory of Dehistan remained a number of medieval castles, layout of which is a rectangle with rounded towers at the corners (settlement Grade-Kala, yilanli, R. Kala, etc.). By the way, in addition to rounded towers on the corners of the fortress Dehistan have one semicircular tower in the middle of all the sides of the rectangle, such as the planning scheme is the southern and the caravanserai of Dehistan.

Making rounded corners in plan the towers are also Shaim-Kala in Merv, the citadel of Ahura, the walls of Abiverd and many other monuments of the middle ages.

Planning scheme — a rectangle with rounded towers at the corners and along the walls — is used as in the construction of madrassahs, mosques and caravanserais and residential architecture. The monuments of the middle ages with this classic composition in a great number have been preserved on the territory of Central Asia. Continue reading