The Architecture Of Ancient Rome

The architecture of Ancient Rome of ancient art, formed by the time of IV—I centuries BC, the Monuments of Ancient Rome now, even in the ruins captivate with its magnificence. The Romans ushered in a new era of world architecture in which the main place is belonged to public buildings, designed for a huge number of people: the Basilica, Thermae (public baths), theatres, amphitheatres, circuses, libraries, markets. In the list of buildings and structures of Rome should include the cult: temples, altars, tombs.

Throughout the ancient world architecture of Rome has no equal in the height of engineering and art, the diversity of types of facilities, the wealth of compositional forms, the scale of construction. The Romans introduced engineering structures (aqueducts, bridges, roads, harbors, fortresses, canals) as architectural objects in the urban, rural and landscape ensemble, used new construction materials and designs. They reworked the principles of Greek architecture, and first order system: an order connected with the arched structure. Continue reading

Who built the pyramids of Ancient Egypt

The answer to the question who built the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, start with a small historical reference. The existence of the civilization of Ancient Egypt belong to the III Millennium BC In 332, BC Ancient Egypt was conquered by the army of Alexander the great. The construction of the great pyramids at Giza Egyptologists have dated 2575 – 2465 BCE – the reign of the fourth dynasty pharaohs. Only in Egypt was found about 80 pyramids. 3 pyramids in Giza, set on a rocky plateau on the West Bank of the Nile River near Giza in Northern Egypt are one of the 7 wonders of the world. Question how the three pyramids were built, still remains open.

The climate on the territory of Ancient Egypt became dry 4 thousand years BC 8-12 thousand years. back in North Africa were heavy rains.* Continue reading

Ancient construction

People have long worried about one of the most important questions of life: how to build a house. And in ancient times he was as popular as it is now, only the technology then was very primitive. Most often built houses out of wood because it was easy to extract, and therefore wood was the main construction material. And the forest was then very many and it was used in unlimited quantities.
Thus the best pieces of architecture have been preserved, and they were made with an ax and a saw used to perform only some interior work. Because the saw can break the wood structure, thereby making it more susceptible to humidity. And the axe is very careful with the wood elements and does not hurt them. In other words, the axe can cut the slice without any consequences for the construction.
Ancient construction you can say gave the first impetus for wooden architecture, as well as special style in the construction. Houses built only a special way, and with nails in it was not used. In addition to the ancient home building built quickly, reliably and without investment. Continue reading