Córdoba (Córdoba). Mezquita or Cathedral

If in Toledo I spent a little time to see anything, besides the Cathedral, in córdoba, whose historic center is considered world heritage list, I didn’t even try anywhere else than in the pearl of the city to go. All the time was devoted to Sevilla, where I was headed next.

However, because of problems with Parking on the North side I had to Park on the South, and to go from the car to the mosque on the Roman bridge. In my plans it was not included – but an interesting angle that could only not be missed. In the foreground in the shot is the gate of the bridge, on the left column of the Archangel Raphael.

Here, incidentally, quite clearly (as it seems deceptive), visible Christian add-ons.

Muslim volume rises only on 3 floors (which is easy to count on arches). Everything else added is a Christian. Remember these elliptical box – we will see more of them.

(actually, the nearest octagonal dome is also a Muslim building, and inside it will be clearly seen) Continue reading

Buildings of antiquity

The knowledge of the Earth in primeval times. In ancient times (40-30 thousand years ago) even the primitive people had to understand the environment, to gather fruits, to fish, to hunt wild animals, to escape from the elemental forces of nature. Primitive hunters and gatherers were trying to expand their houses at the expense of more distant lands. So they learned the space.

Scenery the people portrayed in the form of notches on cave walls, bark of trees, bones of animals. So passed to future generations about hunting grounds and traps on the way to new places. These ancient drawings found in many parts of the world – Europe, Asia, Africa . Ancient Ukrainian also left behind a geographic context. Under archaeological excavations in the Cherkassy region of mammoth Tusk found with the records made by our ancestors have 13 thousand years ago. If you look closely you can see the hills, forest, river.

Carving symbolic signs environment support materials on the, man created schematic drawings area. They are considered ancient maps, true, very primitive. They appeared long before the appearance of writing. To distinguish the new rivers, lakes, mountains, forests have already known, people complained their names. The names were passed orally from generation Pokolenie. So people produced geographical experience. Continue reading

The Gothic Churches Of Europe

Milan Cathedral (Italian. Duomo di Milano) is the Cathedral in Milan. Built in flamboyant Gothic style (. )

Milan Cathedral (Italian. Duomo di Milano) is the Cathedral in Milan. Built in the flamboyant Gothic style of white marble. The construction started in 1386, but it ended only in the early XIX century, when by order of Napoleon completed the design of the facade. Some parts, however, finish later: until 1965.

World famous fourth-largest Church in the world is located in the centre of Milan is its symbol.

Europe’s only white marble Gothic colossus was built forever: the first blocks and the Foundation of the temple laid in 1386 when the legendary ruler Gian Galeazzo Visconti, and the project of the facade, completed in 1813, was adopted by Napoleon in 1805. At the place where they began to build the Duomo (the so-called by the Milanese), in prehistoric times stood a sanctuary of the Celtic, under the Romans, temple of Minerva, then the Church of Santa Tecla, built in the fourth century and destroyed in the VI and VII century Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, kotorowski, when they began to clear the space for the Cathedral. Continue reading