Alcatraz is a famous island located in the San Francisco Bay, California. Translated from Spanish Alcatraz (Alcatraz) means “Pelican”. The island also has another name – the Rock (The Rock), which he received thanks to the eponymous film by Michael Bay 1996.

Alcatraz is in the top favorite tourist attractions of this port city. Perhaps this place is so attractive due to its interesting, but pretty grim story. Alcatraz is never empty. Travelers from all over the globe come to the island to personally see the place, “glorified” in many movies, television, literature and even music.

The history of the island
The first in San Francisco Bay came by a Spaniard named Juan Manuel de Ayala. It happened in 1775, and at the same time, he and his team made a map of the Bay. One of the three Islands, which today has the name of Yerba Buena was named La Isla de los Alcatraces. Perhaps it meant “Pelican Island”, however this is only an assumption. The fact that there is not mixing birds of this species.

Later, in 1828, a geographer from England Frederick Beachy made the mistake of transferring from Spanish maps, the names of the Islands. Thus, the name Alcatrazes Island has received the neighboring island. Subsequently, the decision of the topographical service of the U.S. Coast guard, the name was shortened to known to us today Alcatraz.

“Gold rush” has caused a number of changes to the island. For example, in 1853 on Alcatraz was a lighthouse, and three years later the bell, which was used in the fog. Then came the need to protect the Bay. To do this, in 1850, began construction of a Fort with more than 110 long-range guns.

The prison in Alcatraz
Due to its location the island was in this natural isolation. Ice water, the middle of the Bay and the strong ocean currents are the reasons that prompted the U.S. army to see Alcatraz from a new perspective. The location was ideal for the maintenance of prisoners of war, and from 1861 to 1898 the number had increased to 450 people.

In 1934 the Ministry of defence took the decision to close the prison – was leaving too much money on its maintenance.

However, this did not end the history of prisons on the island. The great depression has spawned a new wave of crime, and the government decided to re-open Alcatraz, this time as a Federal prison. Now it housed dangerous criminals. Later it was reconstructed, and the prison has turned into a totally inaccessible place with tanks of tear gas in the dining room and other means for “taming” of prisoners.

Interestingly, to serving time in Alcatraz not sentenced courts. In the walls of the world famous prison, the prisoners fell which had a particularly “different” at its original location. So the myth that Alcatraz was completely filled with the most dangerous criminals, is not entirely true – there have been those who have manifested willfulness and disobedience. Of course, the famous and dangerous criminals also have time to visit Alcatraz – which is one name al Capone or machine Gun Kelly.

Alcatraz today
Nowadays, the prison has long disbanded, and the whole island is a Museum. You can get to it by ferry from the pier at number thirty-three in San Francisco. Do not miss the chance to see the famous Alcatraz with my own eyes, and therefore, if You are in San Francisco, visit this famous island. In this city you can see many interesting, you should definitely visit many of your favorite pier 39, once the home of sea lions.