The most mysterious buildings on Earth.

“The stone age is the time when what we make out of plastic, people made of stone. ”

This issue is devoted to structures which still puzzle our contemporaries. Here we look at the huge buildings — megaliths, which to this day are the biggest mysteries of ancient civilizations. Megaliths are found all over the globe: in Peru, Mexico, Japan, China, Israel, Baalbek, etc. and will present their complete collection with photos. Megaliths are composed of high-quality processed blocks weighing up to 200 tons and will handicap even the pyramids, the purpose of these structures is unknown.

Great weight and quality of processing blocks are questioning their belonging to the local population, which often did not have brass instruments, but the wheels. It is possible that the majority of these buildings once existed belongs to precivilization, which could easily cut the stone and move mountains. Perhaps they date back to antediluvian times, and later they settled and named the natives, colorimetric and is credited with their construction. Maybe it’s the remnants of Lemuria or Atlantis?

Let’s start with Laos. Valley jugs.

Valley of the Pitchers — the undeveloped area near Phonsavan in the province of Chieng Khuang, stretching from South-West to North-East. At an altitude of about 1000 m above sea level on hilltops scattered with huge jars of unknown origin height from 1 to 3.5 m and about 1 m in diameter, the largest of which weighs 6 tons. They look like stone stupa Baba-Yaga. Jugs made of stone such species that do not occur in the area.

About the pitchers, little is known. Nobody knows where and how they got here, who and what they produced. Some believe that the jars, as in giant crucibles, ancient burned the bodies of the dead. There is also a hypothesis that they kept the rice or wine. All versions are rather doubtful. One thing is certain: the age of giant stones is not less than 2500-3000 years.

There are three areas where you can find the stone jugs:

Phase 1 — 10 km South-West of Phonsavan. Is in three hills, close to a military airfield. It remained the largest group of pitchers — some 250 pieces weight 600-3500 kg. The weight of the large object — 3.7 tons.

Plot 2 — 10 km South of Phonsavan. On the hills near the village of SHANGDI 150 jugs.

Phase 3 — 25 km South of Phonsavan. On this plot, located between two hills, is 90 jars.

Japanese megaliths, Park Asuka (Asuka-park).

Japan too is rich in megaliths, which have some similarities with the Peruvian.

For example, in a Park, Asuka (Asuka-park) a few strange stones. Their real purpose is anyone’s guess, but the official version is often the altars.

devil’s privy, in the translation not the pots of the devil, not the mystery of the devil. (Asuka-park).

He same, but from a different perspective. Local name Sakafune Ishi. On the left of the stone can be seen the marks of wedges, suspiciously rectangular shape.

Very interesting stone — Masuda Iwafune — size HH.7, the material is granite. It is estimated weighs about 700t. Officially dates back to 7 century ad.

Masuda Iwafune, Japanese megalith, Park Asuka (Asuka-park).

Also an interesting rock in the Park Asuka (Asuka-park).