Ancient construction

People have long worried about one of the most important questions of life: how to build a house. And in ancient times he was as popular as it is now, only the technology then was very primitive. Most often built houses out of wood because it was easy to extract, and therefore wood was the main construction material. And the forest was then very many and it was used in unlimited quantities.
Thus the best pieces of architecture have been preserved, and they were made with an ax and a saw used to perform only some interior work. Because the saw can break the wood structure, thereby making it more susceptible to humidity. And the axe is very careful with the wood elements and does not hurt them. In other words, the axe can cut the slice without any consequences for the construction.
Ancient construction you can say gave the first impetus for wooden architecture, as well as special style in the construction. Houses built only a special way, and with nails in it was not used. In addition to the ancient home building built quickly, reliably and without investment.
Russia has long been famous for its architects, so we had such a fine ancient building, as the technology of wood processing could sharpen one decade. Holders of such secret skills passed on their knowledge down from generation to generation. And it was a value and property type. The wizard masterfully created unique structures made of wood, thus using the full potential and invaluable experience, which had been accumulating for centuries. According to beliefs, this ancient construction in the opinion of the people contributed to the preservation of housing in a good atmosphere, and all the troubles went away by themselves.
Also, the ancient building is characterized by its special method of construction. In ancient times, they built huts, which were cut with an axe. It is in this painstaking work, the man showed himself as a host and learned to appreciate the importance of home and atmosphere in it.
Houses made of wood were notable for their attractiveness, uniqueness and originality of the structure. And now they are popular despite the presence of new building materials and technologies in the construction market. Of course, now much increased rate of housing construction, which gave impetus to the invention of new materials. However, wood is the perfect material for the construction of any housing accommodation: one-storey houses and cottages.
Scientists are not one hundred years, he thought about what than was conquered such a wildly popular wooden structures. And recently found out that wood is a natural building material, with a number of positive properties, but also is an excellent material to maintain the optimum humidity, air purification. In addition to this there was specific and not characteristic of other materials unique quality to breathe. The tree has a fairly low thermal conductivity, however, it is well ventilated. In other words, in the heat in this house will be cool and Vice versa in the winter warm.
Typically the ancient building was intended to avoid adverse weather conditions to the person and to protect themselves from wild beasts, which used to be a lot.
Now for building houses choose the conifers and it is better if it is pine or oak, as they are extremely strong. In addition, home wood nature ensures the naturalness and originality of color with special texture.
The ancient construction of the implied harmony of man with nature, and now in modern construction to feel this unity is important. In this house created by nature peaceful atmosphere beneficial to man. Most felt the rise of spiritual forces, which revitalizes the entire body. For people who want to relax from the bustle of downtown a dream is a wooden house.