The dome of the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence
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Some of the most mysterious and little known places of our world
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These two churches have always called the twins. However, the twins are far from each other. One temple stands in St. Petersburg on the street of the Leningrad city Council, and is called “Chesme Church” (officially called the Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist). He is older — built in the years 1774-1780 by architect Y. M. Felten.

And across the street, across the river wide. is sad Chesme Palace. He was once very beautiful, in the same neo-Gothic style, and when we were there, we sadly made sure that its beauty remains only some traces… But it was built in honor of the loud sea victory at Cesme… But who now remembers about her.

However, it can be seen, the fate of the two churches-the twins: the former estate of the second temple is even worse.

And is the second temple in the wilderness of Tver region, in the village of Krasnoe near Staritsa. This is the Church of the Transfiguration of our Savior on the same project, built in 1790 in the manor Poltorackij.

If you meticulously look into the details of both churches, of course, you can find some differences there…

But the first impression was amazement: as if from the village of red Peter (or rather, on the contrary, if in chronological order) suddenly find yourself the same unusual Church with high spires. Only slightly different outfits in glossy-Metropolitan, country-style simple…

And from afar there is no difference virtually no.

The same finials, same narrow band on high walls without Windows, the same Gothic portals… the only Difference is the scenery Yes the gloss.

And another difference, probably, that hardly simply Petropol you will easily be allowed to take pictures inside the temple, and then opened the door to the bell tower, located in one of the towers. And from this bell tower in the Red it’s not forbidden to get out of a creaky wooden staircase to the roof to the spires. And the view from the bell tower is not on the roof St. Petersburg, and Tver spaces. Who you like more.

I will add that was in these churches is another, so to speak, a twin sister. On the same project earlier in the village of Postnikova Pskov province, in the estate of Catherine II A. D. Lanskoy, was built St. Nicholas Church with a separate bell tower, also designed by Felten. She’s already by the early twentieth century came to a sad condition, and in the 1920s. it simply ruined… Just recently found old photos of the manor and the Church (the article was published in the collection “Russian manor” in 2009.), in which it is clear that it was a wonderful, very beautiful temple…

In Red we met a nice woman and elder of the Church and very welcome not only opened for us the doors of the temple, and let the bell-tower.

Inside was restored, it was in the woods, and was only opened the dome with a severely peeling paintings.

He climbed the narrow winding staircase to balcolny, we first admired on a nearby turret and landscapes.

And then even climbed onto the roof and crept closer to the spires. Here they are near…

Of course, if you look closely, the “twins” still differ. At least the shapes and decorations of portals, for example.

And the interiors in Red, no one have enough forces and means to restore the way in Chesma.

And they still, despite everything, — the twins…

Travel . In St. Petersburg, Lensoveta str., 12.

In the Tver region: Oxbow in the road P-88 to p. Bratkova, next to the Church in Bratceva turn right and about 4 km to red, it is left to the Church.