Unsolved technology of the ancient building

We continue to talk about the mysteries of ancient construction. For many thousands of years before the Incas their mark in South America have left a completely different, much more advanced in civilization. Megalithic structures in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico are a case in point.
Machu Picchu

We continue to publish interesting facts about the use of technologies of diamond drilling and cutting diamond wire in antiquity.

Megalithic polygonal masonry, which is formed by huge granite blocks of arbitrary shape, which are joined together without any mortar, so that between the blocks has no gaps.

Holes and depressions in basalt blocks.

On the granite blocks – traces of the machining tool may disk saws.

“Jewelry” fit of the stone blocks in places where an inserted small (just over an inch) patch.

Blocks which have recesses for the T-shaped metal rod.

Blocks weighing several hundred tons was delivered through rough mountain terrain from quarries, removed to a distance of several tens of kilometers.

Ancient constructions from huge stones at an incredible height with steps and numerous pits of various shapes inscribed in places steep mountain slopes.

Polished, the outer surface of the ancient walls of black basalt, aligned along the curve of an intricate shape.

Using what technologies, and what instrument do solid blocks of andesite were processed so that achieved a perfect pairing of joints, one can only guess. Probably, already then there was diamond cutting or laser technology? Who knows, who knows.

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