The Pyramids Of Central America

Considered the most mysterious pyramids in the city of Teotihuacan – “city of Gods”. To the pyramids is a wide road called “the Path of the dead.”

On the big square is full of pyramids, of which two major ones are the pyramid of the moon and the pyramid of the Sun. Stacked pyramid of stone blocks weighing about 20 tons each. The stones were delivered to the construction site from quarries located over 100 km from the place of construction of the pyramids. There is a hypothesis that the Mayan pyramids were built many millennia ago, the Atlanteans.
Encrypted in the pyramids complex mathematical and astronomical knowledge. The whole layout of the “city of the Gods” is a model of the Solar system.

Chichen Itza is one of the largest and most magnificent centres of Mayan culture, which served to conduct the major religious ceremonies. I believe that it was founded in the VIII century, and two centuries later, foreign invaders captured by the Toltecs under the leadership of CE Acatl Topiltzin, who was not only ruler of the nation, but the Supreme priest of the God Quetzalcoatl, or KUKULCAN as he was called Maya. The invaders chose Chichen Itza as its capital, making it the most populous city of the Yucatan Peninsula.

In chichén-itzá the ancient architects had erected in honor of the sacred Serpent Grand temple-pyramid of Kukulkan, or as it was called by the Europeans, El Castilio (translated from Spanish – “the castle”). The building was placed in the center of the architectural ensemble of the city, making it the dominant feature, visible from any point.
The pyramid is called the great solar calendar. At its base is a square with sides of 55.5 m, the height of the building reaches 25 m. On the faces of the pyramid has nine terraces – one for each region of the Kingdom of the dead. So Maya imagined afterlife-the place where they went after death. To the top of the structures leads four wide steep stairs divided by 18 spans, each of them corresponds to a certain month of the year, as the Mayan calendar had 18 months. All stairs, in turn, consist of 91 steps. If this figure is multiplied by four (number of stairs) and add another stage – the platform on the top, on which stands the temple, you will get 365 – number of days in a year. Probably, the pyramid also served for astronomical observations, because it is strictly oriented to the cardinal.

But the sanctuary of the Feathered Serpent has other phenomenal properties. If the builders have removed at least one degree, they would not be able to achieve the special visual effect that occurs twice a year, in the spring and autumn equinox. A staircase along the Northern side of the pyramid, the bottom edges of the ends in snake heads, symbols of the God KUKULCAN. At certain times on the steps of the ladder of triangles of light and shadow form the image of a giant of the sacred Snake, slowly moving to the base of the pyramid. The illusion lasts 3 hours and 22 minutes. The ancient Maya, watching the action, probably, thought that Kukulkan returns to life and descends to the earth.
However, this is not the only “special effect” of the stunning structure. Maya is again surprised scientists, who established that the pyramid is… a giant resonator. The sound of the steps of people going up the stairs on the outside of the buildings, is transformed into a pyramid in exact imitation of the voice of the Quetzal – the sacred bird of the Maya (her name is a part of Quetzalcoatl). Probably the cries of the Quetzal also played an important role in sacred rites. Yet it remains a mystery how the ancient builders were able to calculate the desired thickness of stacked limestone walls and the acoustics of the halls of the pyramid. By the way, the same sound can be played if standing at a certain distance from the Northern side of the pyramid, loudly clap your hands or make another sharp sound.

Amazing acoustic properties, and had a Playground for ball games. Two people, one of which was located in the Northern temple and the other in the South, can quietly converse with each other, not straining voice, although they shared the distance of one hundred and fifty meters! Moreover, no one else (unless he was standing next to the conversation), could not hear their conversation.

It’s hard to believe, but this “system for negotiation” exists at the site today, and everyone is welcome to experience the effect of this is inconceivable to the mind of a miracle. How to know whether there was a builders pre-acoustic effect, or accidentally discovered, they have perfected this “stone phone”?
Another amazing discovery of the ancient architects – stairs. When you look at the bottom of a staircase do not feel perspective, it seems that the width of the steps at the bottom and at the top of the pyramid one and the same. This optical illusion apparently created to enhance the magic of the building. In fact, the staircase extends up so that exactly compensate the effects of perspective.

Attract miracles of the temple in Chichen Itza travelers from around the world, the city became one of the most visited monuments of the ancient Maya. But for many years nothing about him was known: in the XIV century for some unknown reason, Chichen Itza unexpectedly left the inhabitants, and the jungle gradually consumed her.

Serious research and restoration work began here only in the 20-ies of the last century. Not so long ago managed to restore the pyramid of Kukulkan, and now the most daring and desperate tourists can climb its steep steps to the top to see the panorama of the city and once again admire the genius of amazing people.


The pyramid is incredibly attractive to many, possibly because much of the history and culture of the Maya is absolutely not known. Each facility has its secrets. For example, the Kukulkan pyramid twice a year, at the vernal and autumnal equinox can be observed an unusual phenomenon. Thousands of people gather in anticipation of the amazing spectacle. At exactly 17 hours on the balustrades of the pyramid begins to show a pattern of sunlight. As the sun sinks below the picture becomes clearer: there is a huge snake that runs down along the stairs. The illusion lasts for 3 hours.

Superstitious people say that the deity takes the character, and scientists I admire the level of development of geodesy and astronomy of the ancient Maya. Only a civilization with highly skilled surveyors and astronomers were able to achieve such incredible accuracy to get from the game of light and shadow a unique representation in a given place at a given moment! But the Mayans lived thousands of years ago, when there was, by modern standards, primitive inventions and superficial knowledge, closely if intertwined with issues of religious. Highly advanced civilization, alien intervention or divine message? Now to unravel all the mysteries of the Maya is impossible, we can only speculate and come to the delight of every miracle, created this unique nation.