How to build a second floor?

Many people are proud of their buildings, erected with his own hands. Very often in the construction of new homes or garages is planned to build only one-storey building. But in the process, plans change, and you receive the idea of building the second floor. Not everyone knows how to build a second floor, where to start and what should be the algorithm of actions.

You first need to decide what material will be built the second floor. This material may be brick, timber, beams, foam block or frame technology. You will also need a huge amount of tools, starting with a hammer and a finishing hammer. The exact set depends on your individual project on the second floor. In addition, it is important to recruit a team of helpers, because to do the construction alone is a very hard and long work.

Build the second floor of the house

Now you can start to learn how to build the second floor of the house. The procedure of construction of the second floor:

In the beginning you need to determine what will be the ceiling height.

Then given this height, you want to set fire to the bulkhead. They must be nailed at mid-height of the hull transversely, as in the inner cladding of the house within the hollow walls. Such fire resistant bulkheads necessary to ensure that in case of fire to make the second floor more secure and to slow down the process of burning at home.

Semestrielle the second floor is underway with the installation of the floor. It is necessary to raise all selected materials for laying the floor on the second floor. To facilitate this work, get a ladder and a few boards that you can haul bulky and heavy loads.

When you lay the floor on the frame, you can start to build walls. To do this, you will also need to raise the top plate. During the lifting Assembly wallboard it is necessary to take into account the fact that the work will be done at altitude. This means that you will definitely need an assistant, at least one. He will have to insure you, as well as to maintain when you install the plate.

You need to fix yourself on one of the wall boards are temporary insurance and lift plate in a vertical position. Then you can pin them on the floor. If desired, you can optionally build a greenhouse or balcony that will go from the second floor.

The final stage in the process, how to build the second floor of the house, is in the construction of ceilings and roofs.

The construction of the second floor of the garage

If you wanted to increase the useful area of the garage, then it is easy to do with the construction of one additional floor. Learn how to build the second floor of the garage.

The procedure of construction of the second floor of the garage:

The procedure in this case is similar to that in the construction of additional floors in the house, with the only difference that, as a rule, are more “rough” materials.

It is also necessary to consider all technical characteristics of the garage. Important even point, is there water in the cellar. Because garage wall can not withstand the weight of the new superstructure. Thus, if necessary, the Foundation should be strengthened.

So, after you have considered all these factors, you begin to count the height of the ceiling and the walls, not forgetting to set fire to the bulkhead. If you build walls of brick or concrete, it should perform a simple chain clutch. The clutch is necessary to always start with the corners. After you set the angles, you will need to stretch between them a thin cord. And then put the other blocks on this cord, also during the work is necessary to constantly monitor the clutch level.

When the walls are erected, you can install the ladder to the floor.

By the way, if you want to have in your garage was warm and cozy even in the cold season, it makes sense to insulate it. To do this is not difficult. This requires the walls of the house to attach the crate from the bar. Use fasteners dowel-nails. Then between the bars lay the insulation then put my damp-proofing membrane.

Once the walls of your garage are ready, and the floor is assembled, you can install the roof and covered it with waterproof material. Under the roof you can also lay the insulation, such as mineral wool or foam.