Intake structures for capturing groundwater
The groundwater abstraction is a complex of waterworks, comprising a meter device for taking water from an aquifer, a pumping station to lift water, the conduits for collecting and transporting…

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Treatment plants are not omnipotent
In all large cities, there are sewage treatment facilities sewage waters before releasing them into rivers and ponds. However, it is often old and low-power facilities that do not cope…

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Some of the most mysterious and little known places of our world

This publication is for those who love the unknown, adventure and everything connected with them. Before you ten most mysterious and unexplored places on our planet. Indeed, despite the development of modern technology, many natural sites to date, and remain unavailable and unknown to mankind. Interesting podborochka the most unknown places of our world awaits you! Happy viewing and excitement!

1. Greenland is a mysterious Kingdom of ice and snow. Almost eighty percent of the country hidden under centuries of ice cover. According to forecasts of scientists at the current rate the ice sheet will melt in about two millennia. So there is still time to visit this wonderful country, the mother of all magical winter tales and Christmas stories.

2. The study of the Northern mountains of Colombia is always associated with unexpected discoveries. In each expedition the researchers get acquainted with new flora and fauna of the area. To judge how these mountain peaks has been studied rather difficult, as their main discoverers were escaped convicts and soldiers of the guerrilla groups.

3. Every day the forest area of the Amazon is drastically reduced. But, despite merciless felling of centuries-old trees man, desiese remained intact protected areas, where in preserved vegetation and wildlife.

4. Papua New Guinea at all times Manila scholars and researchers. The variety of flora and fauna, unique local peoples are the main objects of the curiosity of scientific men.

5. In recent years tourists have become more and more popular tours in Namibia. Here you can learn about wild and primitive Africa to relax in hotels with European service. The country has a programme for the protection of the natural world. Therefore, this area became the best house for all kinds of African animals.

6. Tristan da Cunha is a small isolated island in the South Atlantic ocean. Despite its considerable remoteness from other land, the island has become an ideal refuge for many animals and home to two hundred and seventy two people.

7. About seventy percent of Russia is Siberia. But despite this, there are only about thirty percent of the population. Anyway, they all are associated with oil production.

8. On the border of three countries Bhutan, Tibet and China are amazingly beautiful and highest mountain in the world — Gankar Punsum. But the mountain peaks are still not well studied not only because of their enormous height and inaccessibility, but also due to political and religious differences between countries. If you want to travel here, you have a lot of walk and in this case, you must be aware of the news in the world of shoes. to know what to wear. This will help Nani helpful articles about shoes!

9. Antarctica-the main puzzle of the seven continents. What is hidden under its ice for centuries trying to figure out scholars of all Nations.

10. All familiar from school lessons of geography the Mariana trench — the deepest place on our planet. Only in 2011 using a modern multibeam echosounder, the Americans were able to study the terrain of the famous depression, but still no reliable facts about its deep-sea inhabitants.