Construction started back in the ancient days. Most of these were built out of wood that has long been considered the main construction material. Forests in Kievan Rus always had a lot. The tree was available.

Excellent items of wooden architecture preserved till our time, were made with the help of only a hatchet. With the saw held only some internal work. The fact that the saw was much broken wood of the tree, making it susceptible to moisture.

With the emergence of wooden architecture in Russia developed a unique and special style in building. Structures of wood were built only one special in a special way, which did not even need nails: fast and reliable, to build a house did not leave much time.

Kievan Rus has long been famous architects. Processing technology of wood honed for centuries. Secrets of mastery inherited from the older generation to the younger. Carpenters masterfully created wonderful structures of wood. Used in the construction of the entire wealth of experience accumulated over centuries. Take into account the different beliefs, able, in the opinion of the people, to keep and guard the house for many years from various disasters.

Houses made of wood are attractive because of their naturalness, uniqueness and originality color of the wood structure. Wooden houses are very popular in our time.

Construction of houses in our time increases. Invented new materials used in the construction of the latest technology. But the tree as it was, and remains the main material for the construction of single-family houses, cottages, country houses.

What is the popularity of wooden houses? Scientists believe, but residents confirm that the tree, besides that it is a natural material, has a number of positive properties. In the house of wood supports optimum humidity, purified air. There have been some that are not typical for houses from other materials, the property is a house made of wood “breathes”. The tree is characterized by a low thermal conductivity, but is well ventilated. Will be cool in the heat and warm in winter.

A house made of wood resistant to adverse weather conditions. Wood, treated with special substances, does not burn.

For the construction of a suitable coniferous tree. It is best to choose pine. But it may be oak. They are particularly natural strength.

To be in harmony with nature means to build a house from natural materials. In this particular peaceful atmosphere, which is beneficial to the whole person. You can feel a special elation, the effect of whole body’s health.

For the person who wants to escape from the city, from the transience of life a beautiful dream seen a wooden house.

The construction of the house, thanks to modern technology will not last long.