The Gothic Churches Of Europe

Milan Cathedral (Italian. Duomo di Milano) is the Cathedral in Milan. Built in flamboyant Gothic style (. )

Milan Cathedral (Italian. Duomo di Milano) is the Cathedral in Milan. Built in the flamboyant Gothic style of white marble. The construction started in 1386, but it ended only in the early XIX century, when by order of Napoleon completed the design of the facade. Some parts, however, finish later: until 1965.

World famous fourth-largest Church in the world is located in the centre of Milan is its symbol.

Europe’s only white marble Gothic colossus was built forever: the first blocks and the Foundation of the temple laid in 1386 when the legendary ruler Gian Galeazzo Visconti, and the project of the facade, completed in 1813, was adopted by Napoleon in 1805. At the place where they began to build the Duomo (the so-called by the Milanese), in prehistoric times stood a sanctuary of the Celtic, under the Romans, temple of Minerva, then the Church of Santa Tecla, built in the fourth century and destroyed in the VI and VII century Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, kotorowski, when they began to clear the space for the Cathedral.

Specialists in Gothic were invited from France and Germany, although an initial draft was developed by the Italian Simone de Orsenigo. For 10 years as chief architect succeeded each other, the Germans and Italians, while in 1470 the Church is not engaged in Guiniforte Solari. He invited his consultants Bramante and Leonardo, and those proposed to dilute the more modern Gothic Renaissance elements, resulting in the octagonal base of the dome. In 1417 the main altar of the unfinished Cathedral was consecrated by Pope Martin V, and the entire Church started functioning in the year 1572, after it inaugurated the Saint Karl Borromeo.

In 1769 appeared the 104-meter spire with a four-meter statue of the Madonna of gilded bronze. After this came the decree that no building in Milan should not obscure the Holy patroness of the city (on the roof “offender” skyscraper “Pirelli” — set exact scale replica of the statue of the Madonna). “Stone forest” of 135 marble eagle, looking to the sky and conveying the mood of Gothic architecture, was built in the nineteenth century.

Above the altar of the Cathedral is a nail that is said to have been brought from the crucifixion of Christ. The main attraction inside the Cathedral and in the heart of every resident of the city — the Golden statue of Milan’s patron Saint (“La Madonnina”). The view from the roof of the building is the most impressive in the city. (The roof of the Cathedral is accessible from the street via a staircase from the North wall of the temple and lift from the side of the apse).

To the attractions of the interior must include the mausoleum of Gian Giacomo Medici (1563), the wooden choir, Egyptian porphyry bath IV century, which is used as a baptismal font.