Neuschwanstein Castle

Near the town of Fussen in southwest Bavaria, not far from the Austrian border is the majestic Neuschwanstein castle. Almost every one of us, looking beautiful cliparts on the Internet, might have come across photos with this castle. Indeed, the castle in reality is not inferior to his graceful and graphic images. If hovering over impassable mountains, Neuschwanstein castle just fascinates from the first seconds of acquaintance. Renovated in 2009, the castle now looks even more majestically and gracefully.

A bit of history
Neuschwanstein castle was not built as a defensive structure. For Royal festivities, he also was not intended. Neuschwanstein is the result of a romantic fantasy of the monarch Ludwig II. It was he who in 1869 was instructed to lower 8 meters of the plateau cliffs to create a miracle of architecture — the medieval-style knight’s castle Neuschwanstein.

The construction of Neuschwanstein castle left a record at the time the amount of 6 million gold marks. Immediately after the death of Ludwig II the castle was opened to the public, to somehow recoup the construction.

As they like to joke the Germans, to Neuschwanstein castle paid off, you need to make so that each inhabitant of the planet at least once visited it.
How to get
To get to the castle is not so difficult. The most popular route starts at 130 km from the castle from Munich train station. Purchasing here Bayern Ticket for 29 EUR, you get entry ticket for all public transport in the region. Note that it is only valid from 9am on weekdays, so the trip need to organise on a day when the Bayern Ticket is valid from the night. You can, of course, and just bought from the vending machine ticket to füssen for 12 EUR, but do not forget that you will still return road, so buying a multi ticket will be the right decision.

Directly to füssen train don’t go, so you have to change trains in the town of Buchloe (Buchloe). Arriving in füssen, a small, historic Bavarian town, the surrounding area which is also dotted with castles, you can find the bus to the castle (here we again come in handy Bayern Ticket).

The Neuschwanstein castle can be reached even at a specially organized crew of 19th century, but it will cost dearly.
Upon arrival at the site go right from the stop. After a while you will see on the left the graceful on the rock castle — this would be Neuschwanstein. But before that you need to find the ticket office for the castles. It is close to state gallery in the high castle. Visit the castle strictly at the time indicated on the entrance ticket. Otherwise, pedantic Germans can you expand in the opposite direction.

By car
There is an option to travel to Neuschwanstein castle by car. You can go on the highway A4 from Munich to the West, then the pointer to Schwangau to turn to the South. This route will take about one and a half hours. You can also take the direction of Munich — Garmisch-Partenkirchen, just 60 miles to this famous resort, turn right towards Schwangau. Such a path is very winding. Not accidentally, many tourists who choose this route, wrong turns. However, if you have a gps Navigator, then selecting this option, you will spend on a trip just over an hour. Of course, to drive up to the castle gate itself does not work, so the car will have to leave either at the end of the village of Schwangau at a local restaurant, or paid Parking near the locks.