Some of the most mysterious and little known places of our world
This publication is for those who love the unknown, adventure and everything connected with them. Before you ten most mysterious and unexplored places on our planet. Indeed, despite the development…

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The main visual feature of Gothic architecture
The main visual feature of Gothic architecture is the aspiration of building up. Gothic cathedrals give the impression of lightness, easiness at its dizzying height. How to achieve a similar…

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Features of the interior of Gothic cathedrals

Huge internal space of Gothic cathedrals, under the arches which at one time could accommodate the entire population of the city, reduced to a remarkable unity. The new design has allowed to increase considerably the height and width of the interior.

Thanks to the high cut arches of the Central nave, over which is a massive gallery Emporia is located an easy catwalk of triforia disappeared impenetrable stone wall between the main and side aisles.

Disappeared cuboid Romanesque capitals and the architectural details, which could prevent uniform take-off of all architectural forms of the interior in height.

Gothic capitals is only a narrow belt, slightly protruding above the surface are finalizing their support. In a new type of architectural ornamentation varied floral motifs, as antiserotonin and gleaned from local French flora. Framing and reliefs decorating the cornices and capitals, they Express the idea of an organic, living growth inherent in the Gothic Church and its interior.

Romanesque alternation of supports in the XIII century was replaced by a single, created goticheskoe type of support — complex columnar pillar, the so-called beam columns. Fin pointed Gothic arch visually continue a adjacent to the pillar, and then run along the wall in the form of rods of the columns.

Wall in Mature Gothic construction is an inseparable unity with the arch in contrast to the architectures of past eras; it clearly merged with it near the fragile columnar rods, fixed in a single upward movement. Everything inside the building seems to be structurally interconnected organically.

Due to the rigid proportional to the connectedness of individual building elements is achieved by the visual credibility of the unity of the structure of a Gothic Cathedral.