The most mysterious and unexplained

Science is known to be powerful, but it cannot explain everything that happens in the world. The proof of this could be the rating of the most mysterious phenomena of the unexplained (according to portal LiveScience).

1. Taos hum

Some residents and visitors of the small town of Taos (new Mexico) for many years been annoyed and concerned about a mysterious and faint low sound of unknown origin.

It is strange that only two percent of the residents can hear that sound.

Some believe that his cause is unusual acoustics. Others suspect mass hysteria or some secret, perhaps, malice.

No matter how qualified the cause of the sound – psychological, natural phenomenon, mysterious – no one can give a scientific explanation of its origin.

2. Bigfoot

For several decades people talk about the fact that in different parts of America they saw a strange humanoid creature, huge and hairy.

Eyewitnesses more than a thousand, but still not found any real trace of Bigfoot: no one shot him with a gun, nobody moved the car. Finally, none of the Bigfoot did not die a natural death. Anyway, was NOTFOUND no teeth, no bones.

Apparently, for this reason, all knowledge about Bigfoot are based only on eyewitness accounts, questionable pictures and movies that were filmed about this phenomenon.

For this reason, science can neither prove nor disprove the existence of such creatures as Bigfoot and the Loch ness monster.

Perhaps they are very well hidden from our eyes.

3. Intuition

No matter how we call this feeling “the sixth” or otherwise, we must admit that we all occasionally experience it.

Of course, an intuitive sense often fails us, but not always.

In what cases? Psychologists say that people unconsciously gather information about what is happening around, which leads to the unconscious possession of this same information, with the man himself doesn’t fully understand how this knowledge he had.

Cases of intuition are difficult to explain, to prove or disprove, they can be even more difficult to study, so the only hope for psychology.

4. Mysterious disappearances

People disappear often, everywhere, and for a variety of reasons. Some run away from home themselves, others are victims of accidents, murders or kidnappings.

But the most missing (or disappeared) still find.

The only exceptions are those who disappear most mysteriously.

Here is just one example – the mysterious disappearance of the crew of the ship Mary Celeste (Mary Celeste) in 1872, 400 miles from Gibraltar.

The fate of all crew members and passengers unknown. Were put forward different versions: the pirate attack, the effects of the Bermuda triangle, the intervention of aliens from outer space.

Find a missing person usually helps the police, sometimes, in extreme cases, violated the secret of confession. But in the case where there are no traces and no witnesses, the police and forensic medicine is powerless.

5. Ghosts and ghosts

The theme of ghosts and haunted for a long time and firmly entrenched not only in literature and folklore, but also became an inherent part of modern culture.

Screens full of movies about ghosts. various shows on television have been a great success worldwide.

Many people testify that they saw not only the strange figure. but met with dead relatives.

And although still a clear proof of the existence of ghosts is lacking, witnesses are sincerely not only continue to talk about their contacts with ghosts, but also show the world their photos .

But the researchers of this phenomenon are not losing hope that one day (or night) they will be able to prove that the dead can communicate with the living, and the mystery will finally get his explanation.


Deja vu in French means – already seen.

It is a mental condition in which a person feels that he once was in a similar situation or in some place.

Causes of DEJAVU is uncertain, this phenomenon continue to study scholars all over the world, there are many different hypotheses, but so far the cause and nature of the phenomenon remain a mystery.

7. UFO

Many people in different countries have seen and continue to see UFOs (unidentified flying objects), which in itself may constitute evidence of their existence.

The question is whether UFO space ships of mysterious aliens who periodically visit our Land, i.e. are UFO’s of alien origin.

This version raises a lot of questions, debates, doubts, especially because only a small proportion of scientists support the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs.

Most scientists believe that the UFO phenomenon is an anomalous natural phenomenon.

Here’s how to qualify only the opinion of some of the astronauts and the military, who after leaving the service pass into the ranks of the supporters of the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs?

8. Clinical death and the life after death

Another mystery, the unexplained phenomenon of our life is clinical death and the life after death.

We all know, heard, read, saw in a movie testimonies of people who have been in the stage of clinical death.

As a rule, they describe my state pretty similar: a long tunnel, a very bright light at the end of the tunnel, a feeling of peace, tranquility, a desire to be reunited with departed family and friends.

All this is suggestive of the existence of an afterlife, but does not prove its existence.

Scientists have given scientific credence to the condition of clinical death is a transitional period between life and death, which lasts no more than 3-4 minutes, a maximum of 5-6 minutes. 3-5 minutes – this is the time during which the higher parts of the brain maintain its vitality.

All visions during clinical death is a natural and predictable hallucinations that occur in the affected brain.

Currently there are hundreds of people who experienced clinical death, but there is not a single eyewitness who has visited the afterlife, and then returned back.

9. Mental abilities of a person and psychic abilities

Mental abilities of a person and psychic abilities are in the top ten of the phenomena which modern science can not explain.

Some scientists believe that intuition is a form of mental possibilities of the person, a way of understanding mystical secrets of the future.

The results of studies involving people who claimed to possess special psychic abilities, mostly, were negative (and only in rare cases, you can speak to mixed results).

Some study participants claimed that mental abilities of a person are not able to be verified for the reason that they weaken in the presence of skeptics or scientists.

As for psychic abilities, the researchers also tried to study people who claimed to have psychic abilities. The results also do not stand up to scrutiny.

If so, then science can never prove or disprove the existence of special psychic abilities and psychic abilities.

10. The connection of mind and body

Back in the mid 70-ies of the last century, scientists began to study the relationship of mind and body, trying to identify and explain the ways of influence of human mind on his body.

It’s at that time were discovered endorphins – the “good” hormones, which was supposed to block chronic pain and relieve certain types of depression.

A few years later, American scientists tried to find out whether a person’s thoughts to influence the level of endorphins in his system, i.e. whether they are able to help patients with incurable diseases.

The patients were given a placebo. About 30% of patients said that the felt better.

What was the reason you feel better? Of course, not a placebo, and raising the level of endorphins in the thoughts of patients who believed in the efficacy of new medicines.

This ability of the body to cure itself and is yet another inexplicable phenomenon of our life.