Córdoba (Córdoba). Mezquita or Cathedral

If in Toledo I spent a little time to see anything, besides the Cathedral, in córdoba, whose historic center is considered world heritage list, I didn’t even try anywhere else than in the pearl of the city to go. All the time was devoted to Sevilla, where I was headed next.

However, because of problems with Parking on the North side I had to Park on the South, and to go from the car to the mosque on the Roman bridge. In my plans it was not included – but an interesting angle that could only not be missed. In the foreground in the shot is the gate of the bridge, on the left column of the Archangel Raphael.

Here, incidentally, quite clearly (as it seems deceptive), visible Christian add-ons.

Muslim volume rises only on 3 floors (which is easy to count on arches). Everything else added is a Christian. Remember these elliptical box – we will see more of them.

(actually, the nearest octagonal dome is also a Muslim building, and inside it will be clearly seen)

However, before at this place a mosque was built even earlier inhabited this land Christians here in the Church. The Foundation of the Catholic Spaniards carefully preserved and pokazyvayutsya glass under the floor. watch it though, and the shot without a tripod it turns out blurry (if you do not violate the ban on flash).

To feel that different volumes were constructed at different times, by quite unexpectedly waiting to uneven surfaces


The Cathedral-mosque is not only of interest for its unusual combination of Muslim and Christian in the same building – but also a brilliant architectural level Moorish style. Once in Malaysia I met him (and Indo-Saracenic Muslim buildings it seems), have any interest in this style, and the mosque of Cordoba is one of the most brilliant examples of embodiment.

If you try to select, what exactly catchy (if the answer is “all at once” is not satisfied), this trim, arches and regularity.

The main Treasury

A masterpiece of Moorish style in particular, and Islamic architecture in General is recognized as the spatial resolution, when the octagonal interior space with ceilings not only forms the dome, and another inside the octagon.

Light, shared by the patterns on the Windows for a few lines, better visible from different angle

A lone beam in the whole space of the mosque looks just magical

If in the past the case of the octagon of stone slabs were formed with straight lines, there is only a square but of wood, and the coverings are in the form of a figure-bulbous arches.

Another solution with overlaps. And completely invisible in this picture there is a statue of the crucified Christ

Magic the canted corridors of the vaulted arches in the shape of a horseshoe (on the right in the foreground – not yet evident, but there are classical solutions here: – pilasters with entablature; and on the left on the column is already visible relief)

Well, the order of columns is very impressive.

Columns set in a grid system, the diagonal of the rectangle has an angle of about 30 degrees and 60 degrees to the sides, these angles are formed naves (besides the obvious spaces along the sides of the rectangle)


A large area of the mosque allowed during the reconstruction of the Cathedral to accommodate the unreal amount of chapels.

Them sixty (60)!

All the cathedrals, in which I was earlier, there had been no more than 30 (that’s quite a lot).

It seems that they are just endless and they keep coming and keep coming.

And if the altars, located around the perimeter of the building frame, continue the same dull, like all Muslim in this construction, other Christian buildings built on the contrast of light and with plenty of striking details (sculpture and not only).

Other its realism I remember the sculpture of Augustine

There, in one of the chapels

The Treasury (like, a Gothic building made of gold we’ve seen in Toledo and will see in Sevilla).

Floors in the Cathedral are not characteristic of the Gothic classic nerviruya, and with peculiar patterns (don’t forget to pay attention to the dome).

At a closer look more saturated analogue – you can see the reliefs

Here it is, but the General plan, previously shown with a dome and elliptical Windows (remember the start of recording and the frame on the other side of the river)

The same design of the ceiling – above the light chorus

Now the ceiling and a sculptural group – individually

On the other hand the sculptural group of the dark – light composition (Perhaps the juxtaposition of light and dark also has some meaning)