The most mysterious places on Earth.

Places that hide ancient mysteries, we can find almost any latitude, in the seas, oceans, mountains, caves and plains. On unsolved mysteries that hide these mysterious places, puzzle scientists, and tourists flock there to experience the rush of adrenaline and feel their magical power. Find out on Fullprice about 8 places on Earth, shrouded in mystery.

1. Giant moai statues on Easter island, located about 200 miles West of South America. Of mystery this place makes the fact that it is considerably distant from other civilizations. For many years the island fascinates and attracts not only numerous tourists, but also scientists from all over the world. And all because of the huge stone statues carved from the rocks of the extinct volcano rano Raraku. Nearly 1000 mysterious moai, they call these giant statues, in silence looking at the Pacific ocean. Locals believe that there is lies the supernatural power of the ancestors. Legend has it that these stone figures stand guard over the immaculate hearts of the natives that they are not evil crept into the world around them. It’s like light magic, white magic of the Slavs, which is good and which for centuries was used to protect from evil forces.

2. Piramides. This is one of the most unusual structures ever created on Earth since time immemorial is the hallmark of Egypt. The huge structure, which has more than 45 centuries, will delight not only tourists but also scientists, and archaeologists. Not without reason it became the first of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Surprisingly, still unknown the reason why were created these pyramids, and how they managed to build. Interestingly, learns ever the secret of the pharaohs humanity?

3. Uffington white horse (England). It is believed that this geoglyph [approx. the author is drawn on the ground figure or a geometric pattern with a length of over 4 meters] in size 112 meters was created around the X century BC. For a bas-relief, engraved in white rock, from generation to generation cared for the locals as they pulled grass to this amazing ancient pattern is not overgrown. Scientists are still trying to understand why a few thousand years ago had spent so much time and effort to carve such a giant for that time figure.

4. From the giant Deer-Abbas (England) is a 55-metre long geoglyph, carved in Cretaceous rocks of the Dorset hill, which depicts a Nude man with erect phallus and holding a Mace in his raised hand. It is believed that it depicts the God Dagda, who raises the dead, and is a Celtic symbol of fertility. During the feast of Beltain around the giant conducted various rites. Women who could not get pregnant, I squatted or sat down on the phallus in order to obtain from God the privilege of motherhood.

5. The Nazca Desert, Peru. How great was the surprise of the pilots, which in the beginning of our century discovered the giant figures in the middle of the Andes. It is about the Peruvian town of Nazca, where many centuries ago were carved with numerous mysterious geometric shapes. Scientists are still trying to determine who created these monumental patterns and, above all, that they mean. According to the hypothesis by the American historian Paul Kosaka, signs in the Nazca desert — it is a prehistoric calendar

6. Near the town of Roswell in the desert of new Mexico July 3, 1947 a crash occurred, which has been for so many decades steeped in mysticism and mystery. There are many theories about the events of the past days that forever changed the fate of Roswell and its residents. Surely in this town in 40-ies of XX century actually crashed alien ship? The answer to this question, most likely, we will never know.

7. The mystery of the Bermuda triangle is, without doubt, remains one of the most fascinating mysteries of our planet. Atlantic ocean hides a secret that will delight all fans of the paranormal. A mysterious area extends between the tops of Puerto Rico, one of the Bermuda Islands, and South coast of Florida. It is a place of unexplained disappearances of ships, boats, and planes continue, despite numerous detailed studies, remains an unsolved mystery.

8. Who has not heard about the picturesque Loch ness, which inhabits a huge monster, affectionately called Nessie? For decades, numerous eyewitness accounts, photos and even videos created unprecedented hype around Scottish “monsters”. Is it possible that in the depths of the lake live some antediluvian animal, which is shown only to tourists and residents of nearby areas, but for some reason refuses to meet with the scientists? You probably, like most, don’t believe in the Loch ness monster? Then see the next photo.