Architectural style: Gothic
The facade in Gothic stilnovo "Gothic" comes from the Italian gotico — unusual and barbaric — (Goten — barbarians; to the historical Goths, this style has nothing to do), and…

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Ancient civilizations on the territory of Russia
Many scientific articles and books written about the various artifacts and ancient structures in the territories of different countries. Only the findings on the territory of Russia for some reason…

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The most mysterious and unexplained

Science is known to be powerful, but it cannot explain everything that happens in the world. The proof of this could be the rating of the most mysterious phenomena of the unexplained (according to portal LiveScience).

1. Taos hum

Some residents and visitors of the small town of Taos (new Mexico) for many years been annoyed and concerned about a mysterious and faint low sound of unknown origin.

It is strange that only two percent of the residents can hear that sound.

Some believe that his cause is unusual acoustics. Others suspect mass hysteria or some secret, perhaps, malice.

No matter how qualified the cause of the sound – psychological, natural phenomenon, mysterious – no one can give a scientific explanation of its origin. Continue reading

Hampi: a mysterious ancient Ghost city

Today Hampi is a Ghost town inhabited by mostly apes. On the past power of its ancient inhabitants left only ruins of the once magnificent capital of a trading Empire Vijayanagar, which flourished in the mid 14th century. Meanwhile, Hampi continues to be a center of Hindu religion, in particular, due to the current and still Virupaksha temple.

The official history States that the capital of Vijayanagara was founded because of the good location of the area: on one side the city is washed by the river, with three others – was surrounded by inaccessible hills. In the early 14th century the Empire has been waging a fierce war with the followers of Islam, and the construction of large and well-fortified city was a response to the expansion of the Muslims.

Meanwhile, recently in the scientific circles there is information that, most likely, the village of Hampi, capital of Vijayanagara, is much older than was commonly believed. The fact that the ruins of the capital of the Empire, rising on the foundations of more ancient structures. Many scholars argue that the mysterious and unknown to modern science destroyed the town – the remains of Kishkinda, a mythical state of monkeys. Continue reading

The fortress of Arg-e BAM

The fortress of Arg-e BAM is the largest and oldest specimen of Persian mud-brick fortress of Adobe. This is the world’s largest mud-brick building is located on the Great silk road in the Iranian city of BAM (Kerman province).

The monument consists of architectural stratifications of different ages, including the restoration of the influence of the postwar period, its area is slightly less than seven square kilometers. The oldest strata of the citadel Baskoy is “Maiden castle”, the construction of which was begun in the VII century, probably even the Sassanids. Inside the fortress — several mausoleums of XII century and 38 watchtowers, as well as the residence of the Governor of the Safavids and the great mosque of the XVIII century. Before the city makes a profit pilgrims-Zoroastrians who came here in a Zoroastrian temple. After the Islamic conquest of Zoroastrian temple was transformed into a mosque. Unique old building for production and storage of ice, also located in the city. Continue reading

Treatment plants are not omnipotent
In all large cities, there are sewage treatment facilities sewage waters before releasing them into rivers and ponds. However, it is often old and low-power facilities that do not cope…


The earth is riddled with tunnels
Mysterious underground tunnels are found on all continents. Experts are convinced that this is a very ancient constructions. But it is still unknown who built and for what purpose. Moves…

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